Microsoft Office 2016 Specialist Certification Bundle

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Microsoft Office 2016 Specialist Certification Bundle
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Microsoft Access 2016

Microsoft Access is now much more than a way to create desktop databases. It’s an easy to use tool for quickly creating browser based database applications that help you run your business. Your data is automatically stored in a SQL database, so it’s more secure and scalable than ever, and you can easily share your applications with colleagues.

Microsoft Access is relational database software that allows small teams and individuals to easily organize and report on business data. Microsoft Access is a file-based desktop application that enables organizations to manage and leverage data. The relational database also includes tools that allow you to quickly build database-bound forms and reports. Whether you’re new to Access or an advanced user, Microsoft Access training from iCollege can accelerate your database management skills. Learn the basics, such as how to create a database, navigate the Access application environment or organize data stored within Access tables. Or, graduate to more advanced skills like form customization, querying and sharing data across applications.

Regardless of your skill level more

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Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel is the standard spreadsheet application for both personal and business use, so staying on top of the latest version is very important for anyone considering career advancement. Regardless of your level of understanding, you will benefit from this Microsoft Excel 2016 training course because it covers basic, intermediate and advanced competency levels.

This Microsoft Excel 2016 training course with will teach you fundamental and advanced spreadsheet skills. With real-world examples taken from a business environment, you'll learn about number formats, data visualization, PivotTables, What-If Analysis, Forecasting, 3D maps, and more. Excel can be challenging to learn. The hardest part is knowing what to learn. This course is designed to teach you the most popular functions and features of Excel that most people wish they knew how to do. This includes the 7 most popular functions.

 which you'll learn in this course:

  • IF
  • LEFT, RIGHT & more

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Microsoft Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook is by far one of the most popular email applications used by millions of professionals and students all over the world. Microsoft Outlook 2016 provides better organization, search capabilities, communication and social networking features.

Microsoft Outlook helps users and businesses manage and prioritize communications, organize workloads and coordinate schedules. Outlook also integrates well with many popular business environments, devices and applications including Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange, LinkedIn and Salesforce.

What you will learn:

  • You will be able to manage your emails, calendar events, contacts and tasks.
  • Learn Outlook’s most valuable communication tools
  • Practice with hands-on exercises and quizzes
  • Acquire handy tips and tricks that can be applied in a professional environment

What are the requirements?

The main requirements for undertaking the course on Microsoft Outlook, 2016 include more

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level with our Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 online training course! Whether you are a beginner or have experience and want to sharpen your skills, this online course will help you create professional quality presentations that will grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested from start to finish.

As MS PowerPoint 2016 is the most widely used presentation software available in the market today, it has become a professional culture to use Microsoft PowerPoint for day to day business activities. So undertaking this Microsoft PowerPoint course will teach you all the tricks that you need to create a power packed professional presentation and communicate your message effectively. This course is separated in to three main sections covering Basic PowerPoint, Intermediate PowerPoint and Advanced PowerPoint lessons, which will provide an in depth review of the presentation software included in the Office 2016 suite of applications.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to PowerPoint 2016
  • PowerPoint 2016 Interface
  • New Feature: Do more

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Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word 2016 is a very popular word processing program that can be used for both personal and business purposes. While already feature rich and critical for productivity, Microsoft continues to improve and enhance their software with each new release like the latest Microsoft Word 2016. In this course, you will develop and improve your Microsoft Word skills, so that you are able to maximize this industry standard word processing system. This online training course will cover Basic Word 2016, Intermediate Word 2016 and Advanced Word 2016.

Microsoft Word is used in daily activities and work, it has evolved to become the most common medium for written communication. These days knowing how to use Microsoft Word is not sufficient, you need to use it efficiently to stand out. This course is intended for users who want to learn fundamental MS Word 2016. This online training course will cover Basic Word 2016, Intermediate Word 2016 and Advanced Word 2016. Use Microsoft Word to improve and enhance written materials and build compelling documents with confidence. Microsoft Word’s technology enables you and your business to:

  • Produce, edit and format professional documents.
  • Create tables, charts and graphics to organize content and assess data.

Design templates to automate document more