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Oracle Database 11g Certified Associate (OCA)

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Our 11g OCA training package covers includes the following exam courses needed for certification:

  • 1Z0-047: Oracle Database SQL Expert
  • 1Z0-052: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I

Our training course will teach students how to install and maintain an Oracle database, how to create an operational database and properly manage the various structures in an effective and efficient manner including performance monitoring, database security, user management, and backup/recovery techniques. Students will also learn skills required for working with SQL, including how to use the advanced features of SQL in order to query and manipulate data within the database, control privileges at the object and system level, and use advanced querying and more

Introduction to Oracle SQL
  • Relational Database Systems
  • Examining SQL
  • SQL Developer and SQL Plus
  • Examining the Database and Schema
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Select Statements
  • Basic Select Statements
  • Selecting Columns and Using Arithmetic Operators
  • Operator Precedence
  • Concatenation Operator
  • Displaying the Table Structure
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Where and Order By Clauses
  • Implementing the Where Clause
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Rules of Precedence
  • Substitution Variables
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Single Row Functions
  • Types of Single Row Functions
  • Working with Dates
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Group Functions
  • Types of Group Functions
  • Creating Groups of Data
  • Multi Column Grouping
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
  • Natural Joins
  • Nonequijoins and Outer Joins
  • Cartesian Joins
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
  • Single Row Subqueries
  • Multiple Row Subqueries
  • Null Values
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Set Operators
  • Union and Union All Operators
  • Intersect and Minus Operators
  • Select Statements and the Order By Clause
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Data Manipulation Language
  • Insert Statements
  • Update Statement
  • Delete Statement
  • Database Transactions
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Data Definition Language
  • Creating Tables
  • Data Types and Constraints
  • Altering a Table Statement
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Schema Objects
  • Views
  • Sequences
  • Indexes
  • Synonyms
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
User Privileges
  • Creating a User
  • System Privileges
  • Role and Object Privileges
  • Granting and Revoking Privileges
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Schema Objects
  • Altering a Table
  • Adding Constraints
  • Dropping Constraints
  • Indexes
  • Dropping Tables and Flashback Table
  • Create and Use External Tables
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Oracle Data Dictionary Views
  • Using the Oracle Data Dictionary
  • Types of Views and Querying the Data Dictionary
  • View Information
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Large Data Sets
  • Using Subqueries
  • Default values and Copying Rows
  • Multi Table Insert
  • Merge Statement
  • Flash Back Version Query
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Time Zones
  • Time Zone Functions
  • Time Stamp Data Types
  • Interval Data Types
  • Available Functions
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Advanced Sub-Queries
  • Pairwise and Nonpairwise Comparison Queries
  • Scalar Subquery
  • Correlated Subquery
  • Exist Operator and With Clause
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
Regular Expressions
  • Using Regular Expressions
  • Using Subexpressions and Check Constraint Expressions
  • Module Summary
  • Review Quiz
  • Course Review

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