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VMware vSphere 5

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About Our Platform

About Our Courses

Transform your infrastructure into a private cloud. Deliver the IT infrastructure as an easily accessible service. VMware 5 shows you how vSphere delivers control over all IT resources with the highest efficiency.

Our VMware 5 training course focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware 5. This course also provides you with advanced tasks and skills for configuring a highly available and scalable virtual infrastructure.

This course brings together all the new features of VMware 5. You can trust in us to bring you coverage on the new additions to Infrastructure, Application and Management Services.

  • Install and configure ESXi
  • Install and configure vCenter Server components
  • Configure and manage ESXi networking and storage more

Module 01 - What is VMware's vSphere?

  • VMware
  • VCP and Other Certifications
  • Overview of vSphere

Module 02 - What is Virtualization?

  • Managing Your vSphere Environment
  • vSphere Client Environment
  • vSphere Commands
  • ESXi Host Components

Module 03 - Virtual Machines

  • Virtual Machine Components
  • Virtual Machine Settings and Devices
  • What are Virtual Appliances?
  • Physical Build Demo
  • ESXi Configuration
  • Creating a Virtual ESXi Host
  • Creating a VM Shell
  • Deploying a Virtual ESXi Host
  • Module Review

Module 04 - Host Management and Configuration

  • Connecting to a Host
  • What is VMware vCenter?
  • Install and Create VM Windows Server W2K8
  • Installing VMware Toolset
  • Configure Networking
  • Naming the Domain Controller
  • Installing DNS
  • Joining the Domain 'workload'
  • Download and Install vCenter from an .iso
  • Managing vSphere with vCenter
  • Adding the Host to vCenter
  • vNetwork Standard Switches
  • Module Review

Module 05 - Storage

  • Datastore Types
  • iSCSI Storage
  • NFS (NAS) Storage
  • Viewing Datastores
  • Unmounting and Deleting an NFS Datastore
  • Fiber Channel Storage
  • vSphere and VMFS Datastores
  • Module Review

Module 06 - Managing Virtual Machines

  • Creating Templates and Clones
  • Creating a Template
  • Cloning a Virtual Machine
  • vMotion: Migrating Virtual Machines
  • Machine Migrations in vSphere
  • Virtual Machine Snapshots
  • Managing Snapshots
  • vApps
  • Creating a Virtual Application
  • Module Review

Module 07 - Resource Management and Monitoring

  • Clusters
  • Enabling DRS on a Cluster
  • Adding a Host To a Cluster
  • Host Profiles
  • Apply Profile
  • Fine Tuning VM Resources
  • Resource Pools
  • Creating and Exploring Resource Pools
  • Monitoring and Alarms
  • vSphere Alarms
  • Module Review

Module 08 - High Availability

  • vSphere High Availability
  • Configuring High Availability
  • Monitoring Cluster Status
  • Architecture of a High Availability Cluster
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Implementing Fault Tolerance
  • Module Review

Module 09 - Plug Ins and Appliances

  • Virtual Appliances Overview
  • Virtual Machine Update Manager
  • Installing Update Manager
  • Installing vCenter Appliance
  • Data Recovery Appliance
  • Virtual Management Assistant
  • Module Review
  • Program Review

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